Sunday, November 27, 2011

diaper duty

diapers on the stove-top
I'm in between sets, of stripping (boiling) diapers. After three rough days of battling the turtle's ammonia burn, it was well past time. So this morning, the full batch went through two wash cycles using our good old stand-byes (thank you Rockin' Green Soap products.) And now I'm boiling the diapers, two at a time, on the stove top. I'm hoping this process will do the trick, because last night after crying along side my little guy a good part of day (there's truly nothing worse than seeing your child in pain) I was about ready to put an end to this whole cloth-diapering adventure. Screw the environment; I just want my turtle to be okay.

Thankfully, I woke up with renewed purpose, and a full day with nothing planned. I also think my mood improved considerably given that the turtle's ammonia burn, though still fairly angry looking, seems to have dried out a bit. I got some great advice from my friends and family about how to speed the healing process. And cool water rinses, chamomile baths and lanolin seems to be the magic combination.

So anyway, while Chris is at rehearsals and the turtle naps, and reads, and colors, I'm cookin' in the kitchen (sort of).

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  1. What kind of diapers are you using? We're starting to battle ammonia too, but I worry boiling PUL will be a problem. I already need to replace some elastic in our hand-me-down BumGenius.