Monday, November 28, 2011

long weekend loveliness

Other than the wicked ammonia burn (and a Sunday afternoon spent treating diapers), I really had a lovely long weekend with Chris and the turtle. We decided not to go to the Macy's Parade, it just seemed like a lot to take on with an almost two-year old, especially when we learned that we shouldn't bring our stroller. So, instead we stayed home, Chris cooked an amazing Thanksgiving dinner for three, we ate, and then delivered home-made sweet potato and roasted marshmallow ice cream to the folks working the holiday shift at our favorite neighborhood hangout.

Friday we avoided the shopping madness (and good thing, because if there's any truth to Saturday's news stories, the stores were practically war-zones), so rather we took a walk, decorated the Christmas tree and watched a very beat up version of Happy Feet (maybe the last time we check out dvds from the library).

Saturday I knit, baked cookies and the three of us went to the park.

Though a quiet holiday with just a small sampling of the ones I love, it couldn't have been a more perfect weekend to reflect on the people and things which are most important to me.

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