Monday, November 14, 2011

lots of help

The turtle is a lot of help. He sweeps, he folds laundry, he dusts. Okay, so he's not really a lot of help, but he thinks he is, which is pretty darn cute. This weekend, Chris and I folded the laundry, and I was in the process of walking clothes from the living room to the bedrooms. And before I knew it my little man was toddling through the apartment with a clean folded diaper. He handed it to me asking "mama?" Which I think meant, "do you want this?" I took it and said, "Thank you" which thrilled him! So, he toddled right back into the living room to get another diaper from the pile. This went on for twenty minutes. Which of course meant a five minute chore took four times as long. But really, who cares?

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