Thursday, November 3, 2011

weekday routine update

I realized it's been a long time since I've brought you up to speed on our routine. Needless to say we follow "turtle time" in our home. As attachment parents, we feel strongly that our role is to respond to the turtle's needs as they come. That said, our little guy is remarkably predictable and most comfortable when sticking with a schedule. So under most circumstances the day (from my perspective) looks like this:

5:30am        I wake up. Do a little yoga (sometimes) and shower
6:30am        The turtle wakes.He often "reads" on the floor next to me while I get dressed.
7:00am        Breakfast with turtle (always oatmeal or eggs and toast. Sometimes a smoothie for me)
7:15am        We wake up dad, if he's not already up.
7:30am        I leave for work

7:30am - 4:00pm Turtle and Daddy time. They spend a couple of hours at the park every day. Once a week, they go to French class. They also spend time at our favorite neighborhood hangout drinking coffee and eating croissants (the turtle does the latter not the former)!

4:30pm         I arrive home
4:45pm         Turtle and Me "Stretch" which is what we call our at-home yoga practice. Daddy writes, winds down, or goes to the gym.
5:30pm         Turtle's words (We're doing Your Baby Can Read.Topic for a future post)
5:45pm         Dinner
6:30pm         Turtle's bath time
7:00pm         Stories and lullabies with mommy
7:30pm         Turtle's bed time

I still rock the turtle to sleep every night. I probably don't have to at this stage, but on most nights it's this really wonderful and quiet time carved out for just the two of us. I think, even if we have another, I will want to save an hour where just the turtle and I hang out, read and wind down.

So that's our usual routine.

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