Saturday, December 10, 2011

christmas came early

Sorry I've been a bit remiss, but the turtle, Chris and I have been busy hosting Rocky Mountain visitors. My folks spent the last leg of a 2 week vacation in New York City. To be fair, the five day visit was a little different than we had planned. On the original agenda was a trip to see the lights at the Central Park Zoo and the Dinosaur exhibit at the Museum of Natural History, but I'm afraid my dad (aka Pops) had a run in with some "natural history" while aboard a cruise liner the week before, when he was bit by what we're quite certain was a brown recluse spider. Most of his and my mum's cruise was unfortunately spent in the ship's medical unit where pops was undergoing hand surgeries and intravenous treatments of antibiotics and the like. The good news is he was well enough by the end of the trip to still spend time with us in the city, but long from fully recovered. So, we changed our itinerary to include a a trip to visit Santa and a drive to the West Point Academy, but other than that we stayed pretty close to home.

No problem. Every once in a while life gets in the way and when it does you have two choices either a) be angry or b) roll with the punches and we opted for choice "b." Besides, when it came right down to it I'm pretty sure pops and grandmum really just needed some good ol' fashioned turtle time. Of which they received plenty.
christmas cookies
sneaky turtle
grandmum and the turtle coloring.

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