Tuesday, January 10, 2012

felt the need to repost...

I felt the need to re-post this. Something I wrote in October 2009, when my little turtle was just a wee thing growing inside me. Oh yes, my friends, how I love being a mom. How I truly love being a mom.


original post date: Sunday, October 4, 2009

the artist

When I was maybe sixteen I watched a film about Camille Claudel and became obsessed with sculpting. I began to imagine myself in the unfinished basement of our home, using my fingers, hands and elbows to slowly mold the gray putty I had bought at the downtown art store into something profound. Even then I was desperate to live a life with meaning and purpose. I wanted to create something beautiful.

But clay wasn't the right material. And, I struggled for years trying to find my artistic medium. But now as my body changes, making room for the creation inside me; I wait and watch in awe. I have finally become the artist I always wanted to be.