Monday, February 6, 2012


I've been thinking about dreading my hair for months. I know. Anyone who knows me will say, "Really? Dreadlocks?" But it's been a strange call. To be honest, I have been influenced by some of the "crunchy mamas" in the blogosphere. Women who's peaceful, simple living I find inspiring. But the call resides deeper inside me as well.

Since early January I've been part of Lisa Work's Visionary Mom Teams. Each of the 9 remarkable women on my team are working on a project - things ranging from building their businesses to improving their health. My project is striving toward becoming a "full-time family." Now that in itself is a long-term project, one I don't imagine will truly come to fruition for some time, but my specific short term goals are to finish the book I've been chipping away at for a year, to co-facilitate a type assessment and movement retreat, and (perhaps) get my yoga teacher certification. The vision that's driving each of these goals is my interest in challenging paradigms; challenging the definitions of words and phrases like, "family", "working mom", "career" and "education." I'm daring to go my own way.

And, I think, that's where the desire to dread my hair comes into play - it's the universe's dare to go my own way. To be OPEN (after all that's my word for 2012) to something unique.

And I've even found examples of really soft, lovely, feminine dreads.

Will I do it? I don't know.

But it's definitely on my mind.

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