Friday, March 8, 2013


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A few years ago, Chris and I went horseback riding through the backcountry of the Tetons. About 30 minutes in, I became horribly ill. Our guide - an old cowboy poet whose name escapes me now - ordered me off my horse and I spent the next half hour with my head between my knees sipping water and nibbling on a Pringle. I was suffering from altitude sickness and wishing for death - which seemed preferable to what I was experiencing.

I won't pretend that I'm feeling that now, but I will say that the altitude has an unmistakeable effect on both Chris and me. Chris, a cross-fit fanatic, has had a tough time in the gym and I, well I've just had a tough time. I'm tired, a little lethargic, and have had a headache since February. I just don't think enough oxygen is getting to my brain.

No doubt I'll grow accustom to this mile high city - but it's been an adjustment. One of many I suppose!

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