Monday, March 11, 2013

oh sweet subway, how i miss you

the commute
I've only had one major meltdown since arriving in Denver and of all things it was about how I missed the New York Subway.

If you were a pre-Colorado reader, you know well that I was not a happy strap-hanger. So my tears over Manhattan's rail system is a little misplaced. But I have my reasons. Really, I do.

See the the subway gave me a sense of freedom and independence that has since been unmatched. There was something dark and sensual about those hours spent in the depths of New York City. Where even when space forced unsolicited togetherness, I was completely anonymous. Where, I could travel the city three times over and explain my absence away on nothing more than service delays.

So yes, I miss the subway;  like my too-young-self missed that boy who was altogether wonderful, lovely, and cruel; like I still miss that adopted but now abandoned city of mine who in one moment could both embrace and abuse.

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