Thursday, November 13, 2014

boot cuffs

I have become quite the boot wearer since moving to Colorado. I've always loved the black Timberlands that I found at the discount store on Steinway in Astoria; but since the move I've embraced the Justins I bought at Schepplers last fall. I've also found new spark in my love affair with UGGS - truly the only thing a girl should wear in this crazy Rocky Mountain weather. (It's -2 degrees and snowing  as I write this).

So, one passion often leads to another, which explains why I'm now head over heels for boot cuffs. Oh how I would love the pair (or two, or three) that I found on Etsy a few weeks ago. But money's tight as we approach Christmas and I just can't  justify the unnecessary expense. So I pulled out my crochet hook and am giving a DIY a try.

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