Thursday, November 6, 2014

with breath comes inspiration

out west, you climb
It's been a very long time. Quite honesty, I just haven't felt very inspired to write. Our days have been filled with logistics: moving; building; digging; buying; settling. I've had little time or energy to breathe, dream and conspire. But that's changing. I think we are slowly getting into a groove; finding community (it hasn't been easy) and making Colorado our home.

With breath comes inspiration. So it's no surprise that the last eight weeks have been filled with new plans and projects. And it's because of these plans and projects that it is finally the right time to revisit The Actor's Wife.

Of course I've always been more than an actor's wife and Chris has always been more than an actor. But with our move west, has come a host of new roles. I continue to work in College Affairs, but also serve on our city's Cultural Council. Chris has added "firefighter" to his resume and is wrapping up his probationary year with our county department. He also teaches theatre and film; runs the growing Denver Dads' group; continues to write; and of course is The Turtle's primary care-giver. As we've begun to discover our community's needs, we have also discovered new interests; interests that I imagine will become a huge part of The Actor's Wife moving forward.

I have recently signed on as a consultant with Usborne Books and More. I never thought I'd be interested in this kind of work, but Usborne has been such a huge part of my turtle's life and it just seemed like the right answer to my "How can I make a little extra money but stay in tune with what matters most (i.e. family; education; creativity etc.)?" question.

In addition to this new business venture, Chris and I are spearheading a new community project called "Safe Place to Play." Planning is still underway, but we hope to move forward with some exciting news and opportunities for you to become involved in the coming weeks.

The Actor's Wife will be the place to witness how these and other journeys will impact my, Chris and The Turtle's lives. I'm so excited to be back in this space. I hope you are too.

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