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Hi, I'm Angie (aka the Actor's Wife). But truth is I'm so much more than an actor's wife, just as my partner, Chris, is so much more than an actor!  After spending over a decade in New York City, Chris (an actor, writer, firefighter, and stay-at-home dad) and I returned to the Rocky Mountain West with our young son whom we call "The Turtle."

I'm an avid yogi who plays the piano and the ukulele. I love 'my boys' (who I talk about constantly), my work, paris, black licorice, cowboy boots, perfume, hot baths, morning walks, the new york subway, iced coffee, massages, the underside of a pillow, chai tea, books, sunflowers, the rocky mountains, horses, farmers' markets, teaching, frozen grapes, thrift stores, avocados, boats, the ocean, live music, bbq, fairy tales, love letters, and boys with guitars.

I'm an INFJ who despite a very busy schedule thinks it's imperative to have time to "recharge" alone.
An educator by trade, I've worked for years in college student and academic affairs.  I'm passionate about educational access, literacy and personal development. I most often serve traditional college students but also get a kick out of working with home educators, innovators, designers, entrepreneurs, creative artists, and self-directed learners. Not only can I help individuals define their interests and goals, but I can teach them how to hack traditional educational models to create unique learning experiences.

Over the years I've had opportunities to present around the country on topics including: non-traditional work and parenting roles; peer advising and leadership; the actor and the MFA; and the stress of the undergraduate experience.

In 2015 Chris and I co-founded the "Safe Place to Play Project" and are looking to launch our first community initiative in 2015.

I'd love to hear from you and welcome your thoughts and feedback. I can be reached at theactorswife@gmail.com.

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