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As an educator and a mom, I know how important it is to spark intellectual curiosity at a young age. Usborne Books & More provides communities with the necessary tools to do just that. That's why this past year I decided to become an Usborne independent consultant.

Is your child a dreamer? Does she want a be scientist? a knight? a teacher? a doctor? a dancer? Does she want to build houses; race sailboats? fight dragons? make potions? Tell me who she is and what she loves and I'll help you create a library that will spark her imagination!

Click here and spend some time taking a look at what Usborne Books & More has to offer …
    … if you find some books you like, place an order.
    … if you found many, consider hosting a home show or an e-show to get them for free or ½ price.

There are so many ways to Open a World of Possibilities with Usborne Books & More. Email and let me know how can I help you today.

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